Chinese Test – Coming back from China

When Daniel returned to the United States with a Master Degree from Zhong Shan University in Guangzhou, China, his parents were very proud. They told everyone that their son could speak very perfect Chinese and even completed his Master in chinese. That was true. Daniel had studied Chinese for 5 years and was even able to read ancient chinese and had no difficulty in communicating with people. His chinese also had no foreign accent.

In this lesson, we look at the use of the verb 看. The meaning of this word varies according to the context, for example:

1. 来看朋友
2. 看来你还很有方法
3. 我站在这里看不到那里

Furthermore, we talk about the verbs tense and we also look at why some chinese characters are repeated, such as, 常常,看看,瞧瞧,读读,走走 and so on. To learn how to use them, please listen to this podcast to find out."> Learn Chinese Online - Intermediate Lesson - Chinese Podcast - Coming back from China