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This is Part II of our third HSK Listening test. Unlike part I there are no pictures. That makes it a bit harder to figure out the meaning. Even if you find it difficult we recommend you to try it. When learning a new language it is always better to struggle than to just take it easy. You will learn a lot more from it. But if you have absolutely no knowledge of chinese then we recommend that you listen to our beginner podcasts and try the beginner vocabulary and basics exercises.

The HSK Basic Listening test has 3 parts:

- Part I: Match picture with a sentence,
- Part II: In this part,you will hear someone talking or ask you a question, you need to select the most suitable answer to complete the dialogue
- Part III: you will hear a small dialogue between two people and you need to answer the question at the end of the dialogue.

This kind of test is great to improve both your vocabulary and your listening ability even if you don't intend to take the HSK exam. So please try it!

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