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This is Test 6 - Part I of the HSK Beginner listening test. HSK is a standardized test to assess the Chinese language proficiency of non-native Chinese speakers. There are three basic levels of HSK: HSK Basic, HSK Elementary-Intermediate and HSK Advanced. In this website we provide you with sample tests that help you prepare for the HSK exam. And we try to make the tests as similar as possible to the real exams.The HSK Elementary/Intermediate Listening test has 3 parts:

- Part I: In this part,you will hear someone talking or ask you a question, you need to select the most suitable answer to complete the dialogue
- Part II: you will hear a small dialogue between two people and you need to answer the question at the end of the dialogue.
- Part III: you will hear a long dialogue and you need to answer the sets of questions at the end of the dialogue.

This kind of test is great to improve both your vocabulary and your listening ability even if you don't intend to take the HSK exam. So please try it!"> Learn Chinese Online - Beginner Test - HSK Test - Listening - Test 6 Part I