Chinese Test – Chinese family

In this lesson, we will discuss the question :"你家都有几口人"? Whenever you see the word 几, you can more or less define this sentence as a question, meaning ’how many’. 我家有几口人 - There are several people in my family. This sentence resembles the previous one, except that it doesn't include a question mark. More over, we talk about the tense:以前,现在, 将来. These words express the period of time. 以前 means ‘past’. So everything talked about in the sentence happens in the past. 现在 means ‘now’. Since Chinese verbs don’t have specific tenses changes, 现在 is important if you want to say something that is prevailing at this moment. 将来 means’ in the future’. But people don’t say that all the time if they want to express something that is going to happen in the coming days/months/years/centuries. To find out what we do with those words, please listen to this podcast."> Learn Chinese Online - Intermediate Lesson - Chinese Podcast - Chinese family